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The farm lies alongside the River Bride within the Bride Valley in Dorset about 1 mile inland from Chesil Beach, on the West Dorset coast.

Modbury Farm occupies land where the medieval village of Modbury was once situated. The surrounding fields have been farmed since the 1700's and those same field boundaries are used today. The farmhouse dates back to the 1850's when it was the Dairy House for Berwick Farm. The photograph shown below was taken around 1910 and shows milkmaids milking cows in the farmyard.

Since 1987 Modbury Farm has been home to the Coomber herd of Jersey cows which are cared for by Tim and Julie Garry. For more info on the herd see - Herd

It is principally a dairy farm which farms using organic principles. The Jerseys provide the unpasturised (raw) milk that is sold in the farm shop. Milk from Jerseys has been prooven to have 20% more calcium than average milk.

The farm is a haven for wildlife; it's eight acre woodland contains many species of plants and wildflowers. The hedgerows are up to 6ft wide and create corridors which allow movement of wildlife. For more information see - Nature

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The cows graze on clover rich pastures all summer long and live in large straw barns eating rich grass silage in the winter. Calves are raised naturally using 'foster mum' cows until they are weaned.   The farm's own naturally reared pork is available in the shop.  Please ring to check availability.

The beef on sale in the Farm shop is from Modbury's own Jersey cross Aberdeen Angus beef cattle, born on the farm and naturally reared. Please ring to check availability.

In the summer we grow a selection of vegetables in the farm's vegetable garden. The garden is next to the river so the vegetables grow well on the rich loam.  

Since July 2007 our Farm Shop has been housed in a beautifully restored shippon once home to cows and goats. Besides the farm's own produce, we also sell many organic or specialist products, and actively promote local produce grown or made in Dorset. Please visit the shop for further details.