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Archaelogy on the Farm

Farmed since the 1700’s, the fields have centuries old boundaries, with names such as ‘Mill Hams’ and ‘Long Strap’. The Farmhouse, dating from the 1850’s, was originally the Dairy House for Berwick Farm. The land holds the ruins of the medieval village of Modbury (Motberge - saxon for meeting place), and Sturthill. We can assume that the people who lived there were either tenants or servants of Berwick Manor a little further along the valley. According to John Hutchins, author of ‘History and Antiquities' of the County of Dorset’, there were ruins and foundations on both sides of the road and pieces of pottery from the 12th Century were found. The present farmhouse was built in 1857 as the dairy house for Berwick Farm.

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In 2002, as a project for ‘National Archaeology Day’, Dr Peter Northover commenced a dig at Modbury, Puncknowle and Swyre.

The dig at Modbury was carried on over a period of 3 days and featured on a television programme which was shown on Meridian Television (a copy of which is lodged in Bridport Museum). All three digs were open to the public as well as a ‘visitors centre’ at Puncknowle Village Hall.