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Jerseys are the second most popular Dairy breed worldwide. Jerseys used to be known as Alderneys and records show the breed has been on the mainland of Britain since 1741 and probably before. There are several very old herds in this country, one of which is owned by Her Majesty the Queen.

Originally they came from Jersey, the largest of the Channel Islands after which they are named. They have a common ancestry with the Guernsey breed and also with cattle that are found around the Normandy and Brittany coasts. It is thought that these types of cattle may have travelled up and across Europe from the Middle East.

For more information on Jerseys visit the Jersey Cattle Society.

Jersey Facts:

  • Small in size 400-450kgs in weight
  • Docile + intelligent
  • Thrive in hot & cold extremes of temperature
  • Less prone to some diseases than other breeds
  • Light brown colour varies from almost grey to dull black
  • Coat can have white patches of varying size
  • A true jersey has a black nose bordered by an almost white muzzle
  • Extremely hard black feet are less prone to lameness
  • Renowned for ease of calving
  • Convert feed into milk much more efficiently
  • Jersey Milk has (Compared to average milk)
18% more protein
20% more calcium
25% more butterfat