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Modbury ‘Real Milk’

Jersey milk is high in protein, minerals and vitamins; its creamy colour is naturally produced from carotene, an extract from grasses (cows natural food). It is free from preservatives, additives and colourings. Untreated (raw) milk from our contented Jersey cows is bottled daily in the farm’s dairy. It is available in 1 litre bottles and can only be purchased from our Farm Shop, unfortunately we are not allowed to sell our milk via other outlets and we cannot send milk to anyone by post.

Modbury Pork

We keep rare breed Saddleback pigs because we feel the pork is superior and we are supporting endangered breeds. The pigs are fed on a diet of skim milk that is a by-product of the cream making and natural barley meal, so they grow slowly, producing pork of an excellent flavour. Modbury pork is only available from our Farm Shop. It is sold as joints, chops, sausages, and bacon burgers. However, we would advise that you ring before travelling, to check availability of certain lines.

Modbury Beef

Our beef is from Modbury’s own Jersey-cross Angus cattle. The beef cattle are born on the farm and are raised using ‘foster cow Mothers’. After they are weaned they graze on clover pastures in the summer months and are fed our own grass silage in winter. Please ring before travelling to check availability.

Modbury Summer Vegetables

In the summer we grow a small range of our own vegetables in the Farm’s vegetable garden and poly tunnel. The garden is next to the river so the vegetables grow well in the rich loam, and beehives in the fields provide the pollination for the vegetables (honey available in the Farm Shop).


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